Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blog To Do List

It's been quite a week. School started, I started working at the kid's school, my parents were here . . . . I feel like I need a few days to sit and process it all. But I can't, because now I need to go for a swim with my kiddos, then I need to get ready for Sally's first soccer game. It's an away game, so we have to leave extra early to find the field.

But, when I get time, I need to:

tell you about the rats (seriously disturbed story)
show you some finished knitted items
write up three reviews of books for the book blog
tell you about Samuel's scissors story (there's more)
brag a little about how great my parents are

But before that I need to clean the kitchen and check on the monthly bills. Boy, I need another three day weekend!!!

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