Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cracking Myself Up

I've been watching way too much House, since they keep running House marathons. I think there are 9 or 10 episodes on the TiVo today. I may have to randomly delete some of them.

It's funny the way that Dr. House's character is so abrasive and at the same time so appealing. And it amazes me that almost everyone I talk to who watches the show has the same reaction.

So my friend, Beth, and I were watching Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson version) and in walks Charlotte Palmer, and I laugh because she plays Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter #5, and then Mr. Palmer comes on the screen and I scream out "IT'S HOUSE!" because he's played by Hugh Laurie and then I laugh and laugh. Beth had to pause the movie because I wouldn't stop. I'm a mess sometimes. (And for you, Joelle, because my ignorance about famous people amuses you so much, I had no idea he was born in England. So he is talking with the accent and I laugh again and Beth says, "Well yeah, he IS English" and I an a goner. English actors who have to learn to speak with an American accent - that's too much for me.)


rvodyssey said...

I think he is appealing in part because he is so brilliant and yet so flawed.

geekyhistorian said...


*ten minutes later*


Oh, so funny. You crack me up.


SUCH a "DUH" moment...

Kathy said...

Sheila, so funny. I love House as well, but never seem to get to watch it anymore. But I knew he (Laurie) was English. Check out a rompy English show called the "Black Adder". The lead, Black Adder, played by Rowan Atkinson (more commonly known as Mr. Bean), is the adviser to the Prince, a real idiot, played by Hugh Laurie. He is almost like a live Clown Punching Bag. You will see why both of these fine English actors are well liked. They both have so much talent.

You should also to see if the show is playing on your local Public TV station or BBC America.

Hugh Laurie also was part of a comedy team in England which had a weekly show. Sorry, don't recall the name of it. You can find information on him on the "BBC America" website. Here is his own IMDB bio:

I love English comedy, so campy and dry!