Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day Pics!

Samuel, thrilled to have his picture taken before kindergarten. (He did have a great day, though.)

Sally, all ready for fourth grade. (She had a blast.)


Mary-LUE said...

The disgruntled look is one I am quite familiar with here at the LUE household.

Hey, I'm trying to start up the Sleeping with Bread meme again. I have a new URL for it: and it has automated links now so I don't have to key them all in.

Love to have you join us on Monday!

AmberJ said...

We start Preschool tomorrow!!!

(and will probably be met with the same look...)

Mel said...

Awwwwww.....but he had a blast, mom!

And she's lookin' pretty growed up......and pretty.

They do grow up so fast....

Anonymous said...

love the blog, but promise that you will NEVER send your kid to school with an article of clothing that references their parents?

seriously! being a kid is tough enough, and it starts early. this is what separates the pre-schoolers from the BIG kids.

huzzah on the new school year!

Sheila said...

My kids pick out their own clothes. I only give suggestions to the season (short sleeves, long sleeves) and the appropriate footwear. His auntie gave him the shirt and he loves it.