Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What I had in mind when I had the idea to set up a yoga area in the living room:
What Samuel changed it into:


Child of God said...

Kind of looks like an indoor slip-n-slide. What's the deal with 5-year olds and pillows? The other day I came downstairs and A had taken the cushions off the couch, stacked them up like a tower, and was laying on top of them watching television - about four feet off the ground. Later, she put her big sister in between the cushions and laid on top, making a "sandwich."

Sheila said...

YES! My kids do the "sandwich" thing with the pillows, too. I think Sam had visions of doing crazy gymnastic tumbling combos across the living room.

cowgirl52 said...

Steve & I had a great laugh when seeing your yoga pics. The pics took us back to a younger Alex and the "nests" he used to make with pillows, quilts and afghans. What wonderful memories.
XOXO to Sally & Samuel