Monday, September 29, 2008


It's raining right now. I love the rain. (I know this is partly because rain is more a novelty than the norm around here, but still. Love it.) I can see the sun behind the clouds, so I know it won't last, but I wish that it would. I always sleep great when it's raining. (7:53 am)

10:43 am - Now it's still raining and there is thunder and lightening. I'm loving this day! (the dog is freaking out, though. he's such a baby.)


AmberJ said...

Not the point of your post, but I can't wait until I can sleep until 7:53 am.

Sheila said...

Me too Amber - I was up at 6:00 am! I meant I wanted it to be raining when I went to bed tonight :)

(and that's pretty slim - it's hot and sunny now at 2:37 in the afternoon :( )