Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too Busy

I was sitting on the couch a few days ago, getting ready to watch a TV show. (House had a marathon this weekend, and I had eleven episodes on my TiVo. That's a lot of House.) I had just put the kids to bed and it had been a long day. A day full of "Mom I need this" and "Mom can you do this" and I was very tired. I needed some space. I wanted to watch House. I really wanted to be by myself for an hour.

In walks Samuel. I think that Sally can sense when I am on the edge of reason, and she sends Samuel in to ask me for things. So here he was. I sighed. Loudly. "What?"

"Mom, can you play with me?"

Seriously? Seriously. "Samuel, you are supposed to be in bed. What do you want to me to play with you?"

"You know, like talk to God."

It felt like a punch right in my stomach. I think I even winced. Mom, can you pray with me? And I almost missed the chance. House could wait. I had better things to do.

Sometimes God uses my children to teach me very valuable lessons.


Alli said...

Very sweet, Sheila! Don't you hate the guilt that washes over you when that happens? :) God is always teaching me these kinds of lessons through John.

Child of God said...

Emily makes Abby ask me things, too. Maybe that's normal?