Friday, November 14, 2008

Best of Samuel

I was reading through the Conversations posts last night, and these still make me laugh.

(Samuel walks out of his room wearing only a shirt and heads to the bathroom)
"Sally, don't look at me, 'cause I'm naked. Very, very naked."
24 April 2007

"You know, snow can melt. I saw that on a show."
9 May 2007

"Hey Auntie Tam, can you buy that big bag of meat for me and my dad?"
23 May 2007


Lisa P said...

Oh that first one reminds me of Silas about two months ago. We were at a friend's house (mother of three girls), and I asked Silas to go into the bathroom and change into pj's. The next thing that I know, he's out of the bathroom, sans clothing, yelling, "Olivia, don't look over here; I'm naked!"

She wasn't looking...until he said that!

Mel said...

There's naked.....and there's very, very naked. LOL