Monday, November 03, 2008

Crazy Monday

I don't think I've posted yet on the craziness of my Mondays (if i have, forgive me, because here i go again . .. . ) Mondays are insane. I am starting and stopping all day long. Take Sally to school, come home. Clean breakfast stuff, finish getting myself and Sam ready. Today I made dinner (crockpot stuff) and am wring a little something for the blog. Then it's off to school again, to take Sam and to work the kindergarten playground. Then I have an hour off (today I need to run to the bank) and it's back to school for lunch/recess. Then it's get Sam, do his homework while I eat lunch, then get Sally, then get her a snack before we are off to gymnastics. Then it's help Sally with her homework at gymnastics and watch Sam so I can comment on his skills on the way home. Then it's get dinner into Sally as fast as I can because she has to digest it before soccer practice, which we usually have to leave for about an hour after we get home from gymnastics. After soccer, I chase the kids to bed and collapse on the couch.

All that to say that I do have halloween pics, but I have no idea when I'll have time to post them today. Maybe tomorrow!

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