Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fires Update

Last night, I read that the Triangle Fire (that's what they are calling the fires near our house - one started in Brea and the other one started in Anaheim Hills (also called the Freeway Fire) and these two merged into one big fire in the hills behind Yorba Linda) was 40% contained, and it must be higher this morning because when we went outside it didn't smell like stepping into a campfire. The air is not fresh, but it's not smoky either. I can't wait to be able to open up the house - we have our house open almost every day of the year, and having all the windows closed since Saturday has given me a huge headache. I was really worried about my eyes, too, but they are doing very well. (Controlled air is very drying for my eyes.)

Today is back to school, back to normal. I can't help but think of the people who won't be back to normal anytime soon. Those families who lost everything in the fire. My friend told me that the house she wanted - the house she didn't get - is half gone. Several houses on that street are completely burned to the ground. I can't imagine. She also told me of a family who stayed in their neighborhood and when they saw that a neighbor's house was starting to burn, they grabbed garden hoses and put it out. There are still amazingly kind and generous people in the world. Some of them even live in Orange County. Imagine that.

I'm off to kindergarten, to open juice boxes and put kids in time out for hitting each other with sticks. (Don't you wish you were me?)


dre b said...

have been thinking of you guys and praying for your safety and for the safety of those around you. thanks for the updates.

AmberJ said...

Glad you are well. I'm never sure how close you are to action when I see it on the news.

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Mel said...

Wow...that's too darn close.

But I'm glad all is well for you and yours.

Happy juice box opening...LOL