Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight movie comments

It was good. Parts were great, others not so much. I'll keep my comments to the comments section, so click if you want to read them, but be warned that there will be spoilers in there. Also, add your own two cents. That's the fun :)


Sheila said...

First off, probably the most sappy romance I've ever seen. Ever. Even more so than Titanic, which only redeeming feature was that Jack dies at the end. In Twilight, not even the fact that Edward wants to drink Bella's blood can detract from his perfectness. It makes me sad that so many young girls will have a totally screwed up view of romance and completely unrealistic expectations of true love.

But then again, it was great. Funny in parts, heartbreaking in others, with just enough scary. I LOVED Jasper. I HATED the scenes that were not in the book. I LOVE Edward's crooked smile (perfect) and the Cullen home was just as I pictured it. Jacob was excellent. The prom scene was kinda lame. Bella herself was great, but when she told Edward that she wasn't afraid of him, she sounded very afraid of him. I didn't get that from the book at all. Once she made up her mind, she wasn't turning back.

OK, I'm done for now. Who's next?

K Murphy J said...

Amber & I (oh yeah, and my hubby) saw it tonight. I thought it was Good++, but not great. It was better than I expected for a movie translation.

The movie was more comedic than the books (way), and it couldn't hope to capture all the first person narrative / angst that the book does so well.

Stuff I loved: Favorite cast-members. Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory) was a great pic. Wasn't sure until I really saw his acting as Edward. Bella was pretty right on too. And Jacob. Looking forward to seeing him in movies 2&3 when they do them. Kinda lame cast-members...Sorry, but Peter Facinelli was just mediocre. The biology scene was pretty good / though that was where more comedy was inserted.

I totally agree with your assessment of the unrealistic romance. I am glad these books WEREN'T out when I was a teenager. I lived in my own world so much anyway and with no brothers, I would have ended up with an even more unreachable idea of what romance / love should be.

For me, it was fun, and enjoyable. Not a classic movie for the ages, but worth the $$$ I shelled out to see it on an opening weekend. It was fun listening to all the comments / talk / chatter of all the teenage girls as we went in & out of the theatre.

P.S. Do you know anything about Stephanie Meyer's other (non-Twilight) book? I saw it in the store but haven't heard anything about it.

AmberJ said...

Okay, now that I've slept on it -- and woke up from reliving the baseball field scene (why that one, I will never know) -- I can join the discussion.

I loved this movie. Yes, it was sappy and cheesy, but in all the right parts. Except where he told her she was his heroin. I cracked up when he said that. That whole scene (which was a compilation of several) was so much better in the book. Maybe it was just hearing those words spoken aloud, but they lost me from the moment she ran into the woods. Fortunately, I had a theater full of teenage girls to help me giggle my way through it.

Edward was just sultry and dark enough, Alice was her perky self. Jasper actually creeped me out. The Edward-Scissorhands-look (thank you K for putting the name to that face!) on his face the entire movie kind of made me feel like he was misplaced. I suppose that will even itself out as we "get to know" the characters in the subsequent movies.
I liked the Jacob character. I can see how they will easily transform into a werewolf. His teeth are huge! :)

The only problem I have is that now I hear the actresses voice as I am reading Eclipse and it is a little bit more monotone than I the one I had in my head.

I don't know that it was worth the money -- but right now I can't think of any money that is worth $10! But it WAS worth it to see it opening weekend.

Thanks, K, for enjoying this little movie with me. It was fun. Oh, and I've heard THE HOST is a worthy read, too.

Sheila said...

I haven't read The Host, but I've heard good things about it.

Other thoughts on the movie:
I loved the part where Bella tells him to put on his seatbelt and he laughs at her. That was great. I agree that it was more funny and playful than the book, but I liked that about the movie. I've heard lots of negative about the whole science class fan scene, where Edward smells Bella for the first time and he freaks out in his silent, scary way. I loved it. I thought it was a great balance of tension and funny. I really liked the kissing scene, too. More of that next time, people!

What was up with Carlile's makup at the hospital? I could have done a better job there! He looked cakey and pasty. And why oh why didn't they edit out the contact lines in Edward's eyes? It bugged me.

All in all, liked it. A fairly good movie, quite fun. Great only if you've read the books and already know the characters. I'm not letting my daughter watch it any time soon.

Sheila said...

One more - the edward scissorhands comparison to Jasper - other people are saying that too - so true! I wonder if it was intentional . . . .

K Murphy J said...

The science class scene in the book was one of my very favorites because it was tense and confusing and actually made me hold my breath a little. The same scene in the movie was nothing like that -- but i'm not sure how it could have gotten there on film. There would have had to be a lot more lead up / subtlety and explanation later. So for the movie purposes, I liked what they did. It didn't translate the book, but it got across the point. He was definitely reacting to her and her alone. Oh, and if I did have a daughter, I wouldn't let her read it until at least late middle school. The content is 'tame' enough (no sex, drugs, etc.) but those themes are just more adult. :) Have you let Sally read any of the Harry Potter books?

Sheila said...

KMJ - that's funny you should ask that, because I've encouraged Sally to read the HP books, but she's not interested in them. She did ask if she could read Twilight, and I told her (get the good parenting here) that as soon as she finished all seven HP books, then she could read Twilight. She's not too happy with this plan, so I'm guessing it will be several years before she plows through the HP books. I see lots of girls in 5th and 6th grade reading the Twilight books, and I think that's pretty young. One of the moms asked me if they should be in the library at the school, and I said no - they are middle school/ high school, and even that depends on the kid involved and their maturity level, don't you think?

I loved all the science class scenes, except the lame field trip that wasn't even in the book!!!

AmberJ said...

First, I have to say I rank this up there with "Ten Things I Hate About You." It's in my top 5. It's a teeny-bop movie. I love it.
Okay, that said, I hated the field trip scene. He says he can't live without her in the middle of a green house. What?! Awkward...
I want to see it again just to get all the little details. I think it's funny that you picked up on Carlisle's makeup. I thought they put the lipstick on a bit think on the guys, but that just added to the campiness.

Maybe for the New Moon premier K and I can join you in Cali (road trip!) and we can all go and laugh at it together.
(Notice how I planned that without even asking her...)

K Murphy J said...

I hated the greenhouse thing too. It was unnecessary. And I love the idea of a roadtrip to Cali for New Moon. However, Sheila, you and Sally could come up for a roadtrip to Forks, WA and maybe LaPush and the sights and scenes from the movie. :))) I'm trying to talk Amber (& baby Abigail into an impromptu trip to the very westernest side of Washington.

cinimabusters said...

So let me tell you my story. I was being the usual twilight nerd. And i went on youube and went looking for footage that i have not seen yet.

And i found it. And I got the chills. So here to pass on my chills.