Thursday, December 11, 2008

back to regular programming

my scroogieness is over. thanks for all the suggestions for music. turns out i needed retail therapy (gifts for the kids), a few episodes of scrubs, and a new knitting project. (yes, i am weird that way. it's all part of my charm.) i'm working on a cotton scarf knit lengthwise, so it took me awhile to cast on 234 stitches, but i'm only knitting a few rows for a skinny scarf. i should finish today or tomorrow. nothing makes me feel better like a freshly knitted scarf.

i am sure my scroogieness had something to do with the boy being unpleasant this week. he's been surly and stomping his feet and i'm sending him to his room so i don't smack the attitude off of his face and off he goes, stomping and growling at me, and then decides to punish me by having a real loud cry in there. it's wearing me down, people. but, never fear. i've revived myself with coffee and cheerios, and i'm ready to face another day. (but not ready for capital letters - don't know what that's about.)

i've decided that the rest of the posts this year will be about christmas at our house. hold on to your seats, because coming up are our favorite quotes from elf, our favorite songs this year, and lovely pictures to dazzle you and put you right in the christmas spirit. it's gonna be cheerful, it's gonna be sappy, and so help me, YOU'LL LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. (oh look, the capitals are back)

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AmberJ said...

I'm so glad you are back to your usual happy, elfy-self. We could use a little Christmas cheer around here! :)