Tuesday, December 09, 2008


i'm feeling very grinchy today. i'm sure it will pass, but yesterday i actully did not like this mother job and had a very sucky day (yep, very sucky) and even the dog didn't trust me and ran away from me, even though i held a treat and he usually will do anything for a treat.

today i cleaned the pool, and guess what? it's green. bah.

in the car, i turned off the christmas music. (sorry sherry, i should have made sure you were sitting down before i told you that i did not listen to christmas music on a day in the middle of december. hope you didn't hit your head or anything.) i put in some big&rich and turned up the volume real loud.

it helped.

i need some christmas spirit, but sadly, i have to play a video game with the boy and then head off to find some freshly made tamales for my man. maybe i need angry girl rock instead of snarky country songs. maybe my bad mood calls for some kelly clarkson.

i do have the meredith brooks if things go very wrong.

what music do you listen to when you're having a bad day? sing out in the comments. i need inspiration!


Christine said...

I think that we prob. we don't have the same taste in music, but whenever I am in a bad mood and angry at someone or something I always play "You're No Rock N' Roll Fun" by Sleater Kinney. It cheers me up to no end.

Megan said...

Depeche Mode, really, really loud!

AmberJ said...

At Christmas time, Trans-Siberian Orchestra album "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" because they rock "Oh, Holy Night" like nobody's business!

Otherwise, hmmm...HyperStatic Union(local Pac-NW band but you can find them on iTunes, I think). I tend to go mellow when I have to much energy, so I listen to Norah Jones, John Mayer, Enya, maybe some Nicole C. Mullen or something.

alison said...

I get it, Sheila, but no music suggestions...well maybe, I have been blaring Falling Slowly from the ONCE soundtrack and I almost cry on the line, "You've warred with yourself, it's time that you won." I like the build up and the harmonies. I need to get into making playlists. I have a list going for romance, for writing and for getting up in the morning. I should get Christopher going on that.

Back to the Grinch. I just decorated a bee-u-tiful tree. It's gorgeous. It brings the children so much joy and for me all the trees just flow together...and I'm not depressed. I love the music and I love making pretty presents. We don't go overboard, but there is just a certain amount of work that goes into creating Christmas.

Both the girls are back in school and between them they have five teachers and then there is all the support staff and two principals. Yowza! I'll do gift certificates for the teachers, but I haven't come up with something for everyone else. In the past I made pumpkin bread, but I don't know.

All that and barely a music suggestion!

Sorry for the cruddy day. A green pool is just the kicker.

Thanksgiving and Valentine's are my favorite holidays from a familial fun/enjoyment perspective and Easter for spiritual meaning.