Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Christmas Cards

I just mailed our Christmas cards yesterday. They are late, but I'm not too upset by it. I'm over it. I thought the story behind our picture would make a great post.

Last year, I almost didn't send out any cards. 2007 was not the best of years for us. (That's a very tactful understatement.) It was a painful year, with several people close to us going through separation, divorce, and loss. My dad was in a coma for several days. My cornea started to peel off. Lots of other things happened that I still have trouble talking about. By the time December rolled around, Stuart and I would joke about our Christmas letter. We had several versions going that we could never send. (He still thinks I should write about it in a book, "The Christmas Letter We Never Sent") Somehow, at the last minute, I scraped up enough good things to write about, and sent out a family self-portrait.

We got so many good responses from that picture. I would have never have believed it! So many people commented on it that we decided to make it "our thing". A family self-portrait. Not us at a breathtakingly beautiful vacation spot, or us at a wedding or other event. Us, at home. By ourselves. Taken by one of us (usually Stuart, since his arms are longest). We have to take lots of pictures to get one that we all like, but that's part of the fun. Last year, us on the couch. This year, us with lights.

Hope everyone had a very great Christmas. See you next year!


Lisa P said...

I do love that!

dre b said...

so perfect! love it.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the family picture and letter every year :o)


AmberJ said...

Love it!

(and I haven't sent out our cards yet, either)