Monday, January 26, 2009

Conversations with the Husband

(If you haven't read Twilight, this won't be funny to you at all.)

While watching a preview for some new vampire show

Him: "See? Those are vampires. They don't sparkle."

Me: long blank stare

Him: "Non-sparkly vampries. There. And there."

Me: "He's not even cute!"

Him: long blank stare

Me: "I like my vampires sparkly and cute. And young."

Him: "Sicko."


Alli said...

I haven't read the books, but a friend of mine from church has and she told me she wants him to bite her neck. :)

AmberJ said...

With intense dark eyes that eat you up! And a sensitivity to your essence -- one who know you are the ONE.

hee hee hee

Amanda Fisher said...

Laughed out loud!!! Repeatedly