Friday, January 09, 2009

For My Sister (several days late)

Happy Birthday Joy! In honor of your birthday this year, I thought I'd share some thoughts.

Joy is my sister. We are the only children in our family, so growing up we were very very close. We fought quite a bit, too. Now that I have my own kids, I realize that we also played really great together and we took care of each other alot, too. Some of my fondest memories from our childhood are of a big big house we lived in, and the two of us shared the top floor. It was a large attic-style room, with sloping low ceilings and strangely shaped closets. One closet was for our parent's storage (Christmas stuff, right?) and the other one we made into our play house, with all of our dolls and things. We played in there for hours. And then we had this tiny little bathroom up there - I'd love to see it now, because I remember it was small when I was small. Remember the day we got locked in there? It must have been during a rainy season, because the door had swelled enough that we couldn't get it open. We stayed in that bathroom for a long time - one of our parents found us when we didn't come down for dinner. So funny. And then there were the mix tapes. We were of the era that didn't have CD's or ipods - we had cassettes, and the blank ones were pretty cheap. We would record songs off of the radio, we would record conversations, we would pretend we were radio announcers and talk about stuff. (Sadly, our father found all those mix cassettes, and instead of throwing them out like we wanted, he loaded them up in his truck and listened to all of our childish silliness. Yikes, huh?)

I've been thinking about what would be my top memory with my sister. There are lots to choose from. In the top ten have to be driving around with the windows down and the heater on, listening to music full blast. Or the camping trip where I spit milk all over my mother. Or the time we turned the fort into a mud slide. Or the houseboat trip we took a few years after I was married, when we slept on the roof in the rain. But I think the top memory is the drive down to Mexico on one of our family vacations. We had this van at the time, and the back seat folded down into a bed. My sister had this radio that had speakers that came off, and we put the speakers right by our heads and laid back there talking, and then we had the greatest idea. We had a fitted sheet with us (too hot for a blanket) and we hooked that thing around our feet and hands, and the little side vent windows let in enough air to blow up the sheet like a bubble. I think we spent the entire trip inside that sheet bubble. It was so fun. I don't know why that memory is so vivid in my mind, but it has taken on a magical, mythical quality. Of all the fun and cool places my parents took us, of all the crazy things we did together, the sheet bubble was the best of times.

Happy Birthday, Joy!

p.s. I'm almost finished with your present - look for it in the mail in about a week :)

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Amy said...

Sheila, this is the most wonderful post. I could close my eyes and picture that bubble tent and the radio speakers by your head - so awesome! I love you guys!