Wednesday, January 21, 2009

plugging along

I sat down to write a new post several times today and just can't think of anything to write. We are plugging along here - lots going on, but nothing to write about. Writing that, though, makes it seem like my days are in a routine that is boring me to tears, which is far from the truth, so I'm going to try to recap for you. The kids are doing great in school - Stuart and I are quite proud of them. Sam is learning to read more every day, and it is a real treat to watch him and help him. We've been doing puzzles together, and today I found out that he got ahold of my sudoku puzzle book and filled some in for me - the advanced section - correctly. (Ok, the 2 was backwards, but still . . . I'm impressed with him.) Sally is becoming very independent, and yesterday at Sam's gymnastics she finished a book she had been reading this week. (She has a tendency to start books alot, but not finish books. I've been working to address this without making her feel bad about not finishing a book - walking a fine line there.) Soccer practice has been hard lately - lots of running - but I think it will really pay off this weekend as Sally's team plays in a tournament. (If it doesn't rain. Heaven help me, soccer is difficult during the rainy season. These SoCal people act like rain is extreme weather. I grew up in Iowa. Rain is easy.) I seem to be behind on several fronts - the laundry and dishes are caught up, but that will last 12-24 hours at most. The Christmas decorations are still in a huge pile in the middle of the garage, and the dog needs a bath badly. But, as I said before, we're plugging along, finding times to laugh at each other, finding moments to be quiet, most of all finding myself grateful for this season of life where the days are very long, but the weeks and months seem to fly right past me.

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