Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Things

(1) Sorry about the lack of regular posts. It's been a little crazy around here.

(2) Part of the crazy is Sam. He got a camera for Christmas (digital, small, super-duper durable - made for hikers and backpacking) which he filled up with pictures then lost. Hours have been spent in search of the camera. Hours which could have been spent reading or knitting have been instead wasted in taking apart Sam's room and looking high and low for the @#$%& camera. Today, I am happy to announce that I found it. It was in the cushions of the living room couch. (grrrrrr)

(3) We have switched from a satellite tv service to a fiberoptic (at&t) provider. This has involved a four-hour window, which turned into a seven hour thing, and several long, life-draining phone calls, which I am sad to announce are not finished and I have at least two more to go (not counting the calls that I will get from our old provider begging me to come back, which I have already got one of those).

(4) All the drama has caused me to start several knitting projects, and I am so close to being done with a pair of socks, finished one bootie and have one to go, started one glove and am about to start the other one and knit them at the same time (need to be exactly the same, you know) and then on Tuesday I started a sweater for me. It's a strange way to cope, but it works for me. Also, all of those projects are being knit with yarn that I already had (except for the baby booties, but that's a gift and totally worth new yarn) so don't I feel resourceful? (yes, yes I do.)

(5) There are still Christmas pictures on the camera. I just realized that yesterday.

(6) The pool is no longer green.

(7) The dog's birthday was yesterday. He's 12. He had no cake and no presents, but we love him and he knows it.

(8) I have to stop now and go watch kindergartners eat a snack and play on the monkey bars.


Tito Juanito said...

I think it would be nice to have the dog equivalent of cake for Simba's birthday, but I can see how candles might be someone discomfiting for him.

Jito Tuanito said...

"somewhat" not "someone"

I'm pre-caffeinated.

alison said...

Please give the make of the camera. We have a little photographer ourselves and I have been researching kids' cameras for the last year. As I'm sure you know they stink.

Sheila said...

alison, i sent you an email. let me know if you didn't get it. :)

Sheila said...

Tito J - me too, but i couldn't think of anything clever or fun. and i didn't want to go to petco that day - i have to go today. maybe i'll find something and we'll celebrate this weekend. :)

Christine said...

Are you happy with your switch over with the TV (other than the wait that is)? We're thinking of getting rid of our satellite because it goes down all the time and it's pretty expensive, but we can't decide what would be better.

Sheila said...

Christine, we are happy with it so far, but it has different features than direct tv so it took some getting used to. ask me about it when you see me or email me if you have more questions :)