Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Blue Blanket

A while back, I was looking through this knitting book and I found a picture of a crazy patchwork blanket. The squares were not all square. They were not all the same size. They were all demin yarn, and they were put together all random and it was fantastic. I loved it.

It got me thinking about making a blanket for myself, something that would take years to assemble. Something that was a mixture of lots of yarn from lots of projects I've made over the years. I got out the leftover yarn bits and looked at them, and decided that my blanket theme would be BLUE. I make lots of blue stuff. I have lots of blue yarn.

I started knitting up four inch squares. I knit lots of them, then I got bored and did some mitered squares. Then I stopped and put it all away. I took it all out last night and started some new squares. Here's what I have so far:

A good start, and a good mix of colors and textures. This is a fun project for me, something with no deadline, something to take out and play with when I feel lilke it. It's going to be a wonderful blanket when it's all done. Years from now. I love blue.


cko said...

I love it! Always so creative.

Child of God said...

Hey Sheila,

Apparently, knitting is also good for your health.