Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing in Snow

We got back on Monday night from a long, long weekend at Grandma Tina and Grandpa Ken's house up north of Sacramento. The kids have been wanting to go when there is snow, and we told them we would try. We picked a date, and hoped for the best.

Well, we got snow.
Lots and lots of snow.
The kids played in the snow,

had a snowball fight,
and made two snowmen.

Sally shoveled snow.
And I took advantage of the cold weather and wore lots of knitwear. (Hat, sweater, & scarf all knit by me :) )
Then poor Sam got the flu. He was sick the whole rest of the trip. We had to change our plans and stay put so he could rest and get better, but it was probably for the best because it was raining and snowing almost the entire weekend.
We had fun visiting with family (thanks Grandma Tina, Grandpa Ken, Auntie Tam, GrandBaa, and Grandma El) and celebrated Chinese New Year with lots of Stu's family (thanks Uncle G & Auntie V for hosting!).

On the way home, we found out the grapevine was closed. Very sad. We had to take a detour (46 east, 99 south, 58 east, then 14 south back to the 5) and made it through with a little traffic but nothing too bad. Even the detour had snow around, though.

Thankfully, Sam got better the night before we came home, so we had no sick kids in the car. Just goes to show that you can always find a ray of light in the middle of a storm.
(Sorry to Joy & Dre & fam, and Stacey & kids, who we couldn't see due to illness (ours and theirs) - next time, right?)

PS ~ On the way home, my great husband found a Burger King, where I ordered up some burger shots. I can't believe that they are really back. (Course, I really wanted the three pack burger bundle, but I can live with the shots.)

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AmberJ said...

I saw TWO billboards yesterday advertising the Burger Shots and thought of you. I wondered if you had them down there and if you had full-filled your dream of downing some Burger Shots. :D