Friday, March 06, 2009

Conversations with the Kids

(on the way to school)

Me: "After school we are going to go to Target to get a gift for your friend's birthday."

Sally: "OK"

Sam: "Can we bring our money to buy stuff?"

Me: "Yes."

Sam: "Can we buy pokemon cards?"

Me: "How many pokemon cards do you already have?"

Sam: "uuuuhhhh . . . . . "

Me: "Don't you have enough already?"

Sam: "Do you have enough yarn?"

Me: "Well played. Yes, you can buy pokemon cards."

Final Score: Kids - 1, Mom - 0


Child of God said...

Ohhhhh...that's good. Kids are so perceptive to hypocrisy.

Alli said...

Ha Ha Ha! That is awesome! Love that kid!

AmberJ said...


Steph said...

I am so proud to be related :)