Thursday, March 19, 2009

denial for a while

Tonight, I am not going to take out the baby hat that I am knitting. I am not going to look at it and think that I might, just maybe might, have enough yarn to finish it. I know that, after finding out that the nice little chunk of yarn I had left had a really thick cardboard roll in the middle, that I do not have enough to finish that hat. I am not going to even think that there is any way possible that I can find some of the same dye lot of that yarn since I bought it a long long while ago. I am not going to even consider any hope. I am not going to take sad pictures of an unfinished (but very darling) baby hat.

Denial. Not going to touch it.

What I am doing tonight is printing out a pattern for wee little baby mittens, and tomorrow . . . . well, tomorrow I'm ripping the half of a hat right out and starting over. Tomorrow, denial is over, that hat is over, and I'll be strong about the whole thing. (I think.)


Tito J said...

Can you add a band in a complementary color, or is it not that kind of hat?

Sheila said...

not that kind of hat, but that's ok. hat's gone, one mitten done. not as painful as i thought it would be either.

SkylarKD said...

Oh, I hate the thought of you taking it apart!
Nice blog, by the way. I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party.