Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sick Again (still?)

I've been home for a few days taking care of Sally, who has the flu again. Poor kid. She's starting to feel better today, but she wanted to stay home today to fully recover. (She still has a few symptoms, too. I would have kept her home even if she didn't want to stay.)

Yesterday we had a movie marathon. Yesterday Sam stayed home too - he insisted his tummy hurt quite a bit, and after a weekend of Sally being so sick, I wasn't taking any chances with Sam. (He went to school today - he's fine.) I knit up the two sleeves to the Pink Sweater while we watched Indiana Jones (1 and 4) and Nim's Island. I also blocked the other parts of the sweater so that today I could start putting them together. While Sally worked on her math, I finished up the sleeves (they are perfect, by the way) and blocked them and then did the shoulder seams. Now I'm off to help Sally with social studies, listen to Sam run through his flashcards, and pick up stitches for the neck band.

Also on the list - put in a new mailbox. Ours is in a sad state (the kids (ours and the neighbors) used our mailbox as home base in a game of tag and broke the stand, which I temporarily "fixed" by sticking two pieces of rebar into the broken pieces, so it is very unstable) so we bought a new steel pole that needs to be jammed into the ground with a sledgehammer. Sounds like fun, huh?

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AmberJ said...

I have some pent up aggression -- can I come over and help? :)