Friday, March 06, 2009


My friend Kristy recently said goodbye to her grandma. Her grandma was a crocheter/knitter and had a large stash of yarn. My friend, not being a crocheter/knitter herself (yet!) thought of me when she saw all that yarn and asked me if I'd like to have it. Um, YES! So last week, I got a very lovely, very large box of yarn. Sam took a picture of me with it: And then Sally and I decided that it really needed to be in some color order: Anyone need baby yarn? COME OVER! Seriously. I don't think I can use this much baby yarn myself, and I'd be happy to share. Sally is planning on teaching every friend she invites over to finger knit, and I said I'd do my share and give them a parting gift of yarn to practice with.

Also, I'll be making and dontating some baby hats in honor of Gigi. Thanks for the stash! I hope one day, when I'm outta here, somebody gets a big box of my leftover yarn, and is really happy about it too. (It will probably be Sally and her daughters and Sam's daughters. At least that's what I'm hoping for!)


Tito J said...

I know boys who knit.

Sheila said...

Bring them over! :) Any friends of yours are friends of mine.

K Murphy J said...

It's a good friend who sees yarn and thinks of you. :)