Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Today the kids are back at school. (Sam isn't yet, but he will be in about twenty minutes :) ) We had a busy and fun week together last week. Easter was nice and relaxing - we went to church, then had a few friends over for a big dinner. The kids and I cleaned out the garage a little bit and played at home together at the beginning of the week, and then on Thursday and Friday we went down to San Diego (we love it there) and took the kids to SeaWorld. We all went on the Atlantis ride (Sam is finally barely tall enough) and it was a blast. That was my highlight. We stayed at the DoubleTree Hotel, and while it's a nice hotel, we will never stay there again. The parking is ridiculous. It has to be the narrowest parking lot we have ever been in - I don't know how some of the cars made it through - seriously THAT narrow. Saturday morning Sally and I walked the 5K Get Fit Fun Run at a nearby park - she pushed me pretty hard, too! I wanted to walk, and she wanted to jog. I'd jog for a block or two, then go back to walking. She'd jog ahead, then walk back to me. I told her next year she'd have to bring a running buddy, or I'll have to train more! :) Sunday she had a soccer game, and her team won! That's always fun. We went to a short ice cream party after the game, then came home and the kids swam for a little bit. It was a really hot day - the pool was over 70 degrees - still too cold for me though.

I've been doing some reading, some knitting, and some painting too (the kids and I painted an old cabinet with drawers and we are going to use it for craft stuff in the garage). But now I'm off to school.


Debbie said...

You did the 5K? That's awesome! I thought about it - we've been seeing the signs at the park while we've been out walking, but alas, thinking about it was about all I could handle. :)

AmberJ said...

I've been missing you around here. Looks like you guys have been busy!