Thursday, May 28, 2009

Final Stretch

I'm in the last few weeks of school, and it's a blur. We are finishing up school, and I'm trying to keep up with all the projects, plan for summer, and oh yeah, apply for a job for next year. It's a fun busy, though. We had a super three-day weekend, filled with lots of stuff to do, but it was all fun and/or relaxing. We've been swimming, but it's still a bit cold for me. When you have to brace yourself and think, it will be ok once I'm used to the cold, well, it's just not as much fun as when you can't wait to jump in because you are so hot. I'm fighting playing this stupid bejeweled game on facebook that is strongly addicting. I'm knitting a little sweater that I am really happy with so far, and I'm almost done knitting the dozens of blue squares for the Blue Squares Blanket.

I'm really happy that Kris is our new American Idol - I think it will probably work to Adam's advantage to not be locked in to the AI contracts, and he'll be just fine once he gets an album out. (His strong suit will be his concerts, though - that would be a fun night)

Alright. I'm off to get ready for a frantic minimun day today. Sam is faking a tummy ache - he wants to stay home and play games. I told him, sick means no video games, and if he misses school he has to stay in his bed. In his room. With no tv. He pouted, then went and got dressed. Stinker.

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