Thursday, May 14, 2009

summing up

~had a great mother's day - my parents were here to hang out with us

~Sally was baptized on mother's day - by Stuart! Most excellent

~got the flu on Wednesday morning at 5:45 am. Stayed in bed the entire day except to make a few phone calls to tell the world that I would not be showing up

~was well enough today to lie on the couch and watch tv (sad to see Danny go on AI, but still love Adam, so not too sad) (was able to watch the LOST season finale - LOVED IT!)

~ have a big headache and need to finish cleaning up after yesterday (the only thing that is really really clean is my toilet, since once I started throwing up, I cleaned it every time I used it. Every time. I even had a crazy feverish dream that I ripped out the toilet and put in a new one because I wanted it to be THAT clean . . . crazy)

~ need to lie down now - still recovering I guess

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