Monday, June 15, 2009

Day One

Well kids, it's the first Monday of summer break. Today, I'll drive my kids out to meet my parents, and they will go home with Grandma and Grandpa for five days. Five days home, just me and the husband. What am I going to do with myself? Well, the list is long, and mostly boring (like "call a termite inspector" and "wait for the at&t guy") but there is one thing that I'm pretty jazzed about . . . .

I finished knitting blue squares. Now I'm getting ready to sew them all together.

I've been laying them out, looking at them, moving them around, looking some more, and I think I finally have them arranged to my satisfaction.

This is going to take awhile. That's a lot of ends to deal with.

I'm also almost done with a little sweater that I'm making for myself. It's slow at the end, but I'm on my last ball of yarn with this one, so I should finish this week. As my knitting luck would have it, that is probably right about the time that the California heat will kick into high gear, and I won't be able to wear it until September.

I'm off for a long car ride. I borrowed a Thursday Next book on cd for the ride back. Give me a drive-through Starbucks and I'll be a happy camper.


cko said...

The colors of blue are beautiful! It looks like a lot of work. Another work of love!

dre b said...

sweeeeeeeet! that looks awesome already.