Thursday, July 02, 2009

Blue Blanket

The blue blanket is finally finished!
She's lovely.
Here's my favorite square - a nod to HP in Ravenclaw colors:
If anyone is interested, I have a list of all the yarns I used and all the needles sizes (a range from US3 to US 8). I kept all the squares to four inches, and I used only garter stitch in all of them.


cko said...

Another beautiful work of art. Great accomplishment!

mamafongo said...

OH is beautiful!!! I love seeing all of your handiwork!

Amber said...

LOVE IT (as usual)

Olivia Palmer said...

Omgoodness! u r an amazing knitter. I just found out thru Mulree that you knit. I love knitting, Im a beginner. Cute blog.