Tuesday, October 27, 2009

home again

Sam got sick again early Monday morning. (Like 2:30 am early. Why does it always start in the middle of the night?) After a really rough day yesterday, he seems to be doing better today. He's eating, he's resting. He even started talking again. Sam is an easy patient when he's sick, but he worries me so much because he doesn't talk. I swear, the kid could lose a toe and he wouldn't tell me until I ask why there is blood all over the floor. He just lays there on the couch, miserable, and then I feel him and he's burning up and I say, "Hey buddy, do you feel sick?" and he tells me he's really hot and then he throws up everywhere. Sally, on the other hand, is my drama queen. Any twinge of a stomach ache and she's doubled over and heading for the tums.

Anyways, he's doing better today. He ate toast for breakfast and drank some juice (I gave him some clear juice in a juice pouch - yesterday he had a grape popsicle and threw up purple and Sally almost lost her lunch at the same time) and his fever is below 100. Last night, in an effort to quarantine the sickness, I decided that Sam and I would sleep on the couches in the family room, and Stu and Sally could have our bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night alone in the family room. Everyone else was in my bed. I guess it was just fine because Sally and Stuart are at school and work, and Sam slept all night and hasn't thrown up today.

I played with the colors on the blog - let me know what you think. I'm not sure about the green color on the left side. I like the brown, though.

Shouts out to my cousin and her husband, who had their first child on Sunday. Welcome to the world, baby Mia! Can't wait to meet you! Sally is grateful that you are a girl, and she really wants to hold you.

Also sending love out to my mom friends at school who covered for me at the jog-a-thon and who always tell me that family comes first and not to worry about staying home with a sick kid. I love it when people make a point of telling you the right thing to do. It makes me feel proud to be in a community that values family and friendship like that.

OK, enough fun. I'm going to change all the linens and disinfect the bathrooms again. Note to self: buy more lysol.

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