Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sam has had the flu for the past three days. If you follow me on facebook, you know that it's not a particularly nasty strain of the virus - he's been running a fever on and off, and sleeping up a storm. Like 12 hours a night, plus daytime naps. I figure that sleep and fluids are the best thing for him, so he's on the couch with a little dish of crackers, a cup of water with a straw, and watching cartoons. Later, we are going to watch Underdog. I hate Underdog. I think I'll use the time to knit something complicated, like those gloves.

I've been stuck home, except for last night when I spent almost forty minutes in the line at the Walmart pharmacy. I don't know what went wrong there - maybe somebody called in sick - I just know I was fourth in line, and by the time I got to the front, there were at least ten people behind me. At 8:30 pm! I really don't like Walmart, but their prices are so low that it's worth it. I tell myself that it's character building, standing in line, cultivating my patience. It doesn't really work, but I'll keep at it anyway.

It doesn't really bother me, being stuck at home. I've become such a homebody lately. There is always plenty to do, and I like the quiet.


Lisa P said...

That is my favorite kind of sick--not so bad that you need to worry, and they turn cuddly and sleepy. Yes! Enjoy and let's see the progress on the gloves!

Lee said...

Hi Sheila!
Many thanks for your comment!
It varies - Ron took 3 days to complete, Harry 5, the rest probably no longer than 7 -_^!
They're all made from pics i've converted using an online pattern generator ^__^
I LOVE the colours you've chosen for those mitts! Very pretty!
Much love,
Lee xox