Friday, October 16, 2009

off the deep end

Some knitting to share. I got it in my head to try some colorwork mittens. I haven't done this stuff before mostly because I'm afraid of steeks. See, this kind of colorwork is done in the round, and if you are making a sweater, you knit the body, then cut holes in it for the arms. You cut big holes in your knitting. There are no words. I cannot picture a day in my life where I will knit a project that requires steeking. It makes my hands shaky just thinking about it. Anyway, mittens need no steeking, so I thought this would be a good fit for me.

Then I came across The Endpaper Mitts. They are fingerless gloves. They are like my knitting soulmate. Then I tried to follow the pattern, and that's where it all fell apart. I tried to do the Italian tubular cast-on, and failed. I tried again, and started knitting. Then I realized I must have done it wrong, because it didn't look right to me. Then I read through the Ravelry forums and found a link for the cable rib cast-on. Now that looks like me. So, yesterday, I ripped out the few rounds I had, and started over. I knit the cuff - with size 1 needles. I changed to bigger needles - size 2. (For the non-knitters, US1 and US2 are very small needles.) I added the contrast color and began the pattern. I bored my friends with my cleverness. See why?

Aren't they pretty?
Yarn is Cascade 220 in Celtic Green and Lavender Heather.


dre b said...

wow... very, very impressive.

cko said...

This is so pretty. (Just got back into town) Such talent and smarts!