Thursday, October 29, 2009

reporting in

Well, Sam is still running a fever - for the fourth day in a row - so since he started coughing on Wednesday I made him a doctor appointment for this morning. He woke up at 4:30 am and was feverish again, so I got him some water, some ibuprofen, and a cold cloth for his head. We camped out in the family room and went back to sleep. I had to wake him up at 7:15 so we could take Sally to school and then head to the doctor. I was very worried about waking him up and having him be miserable and having to drag him around to the doctor and then to the pharmacy (and what if they want to do blood work or give him a shot and then I'm holding down a crying screaming miserable kid who has been sick for four days and . . . . and . . . see, sometimes I'm really just a crazy person pretending to be normal . . . ) I can't tell you how nice it was to hear him chatting with Sally and making jokes with her on the way to school. The doctor says his lungs are clear and that a secondary infection probably set in after he had a regular flu last week. Thankfully, he didn't think a blood test would reveal anything at this point, and they are all out of flu shots for the year. Got the medicine, got the grocery shopping done for the weekend, and got back home. Sam is resting quietly watching a movie. He's watching Over the Hedge, which is why I'm over here on the computer. (I was pushing for Harry Potter, being that it's so close to Halloween, but I lost. Next up is National Treasure.)

I'm a little bit of a wreck today. It's not the cabin fever - I could hole up at home all week and not go crazy with it. I've got plenty of projects and things to do around here, and I don't mind the quiet. It's the worrying that makes me crazy, and it's the being the one in charge that makes me exhausted. I'm the one that has to decide: ibuprofen or tylenol; make him eat or leave him alone, take him to the doctor or stay home and rest . . . . and on and on until I can't even decide what to eat for lunch and I can't remember what day it is. So I'm going to sit and be quiet and think positive thoughts. I'm going to take my vitamin and drink extra water. I'm going to, sadly, watch Over the Hedge with Sam.

Hug your kids today. Be well.

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