Sunday, October 25, 2009

This & That & Lotsa Stuff

First off, Sam is much much better. He was fever-free for most of the day Wednesday, so he went to school on Thursday. Perfect timing, as it was the day that a teacher needed a sub at lunchtime and I was able to cover her classes. Second grade is not easy to teach, that's for sure. The kids are super great, though, and I had fun reading to them. They are total angels when you read to them - it's like magic quiet dust.

We've had a pretty quiet weekend, for us. Soccer game on Saturday morning, then home for some family time and lunch. Sam was tired and took a nap. I think it was a combo of the last of being sick, and growing. He's going to sleep and sleep and wake up taller, I just know it. I don't know what's gotten into me, but after subbing on Friday, I came home and made homemade croutons (yummy) for our dinner salads (with lasagna that I made last week - froze half - instant dinner). Saturday I made a Halloween costume for Sam and started one for Stuart. Today I got up and made some pumpkin muffins. (I'm tweaking the recipe again, so check back for a new version soon!) I made some with cream cheese and some without, because guess what? Stuart doesn't like cream cheese in muffins. This was quite a shock to me.

Today, Stu took the kids to the movies, and I'm having some quiet time. I'm going to go finish sewing his costume, then either knit or nap. Probably nap. All this productivity makes me tired.

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alison said...

I stopped by to get the muffin recipe because I have been CRAVING them all week. Reveal the tweakage please!

The mind is racing at what costume you are making for the fellas.

Finally, our clan is heading westward for spring break and would be up for a dinner one of our evenings in L.A.