Tuesday, November 03, 2009

coping skills

We're almost all better over here. The kids will be going to school tomorrow. Sam finished his last dose of prescribed medication, and I have stopped getting water for people. (No, I did not tell them to get their own damn water. I did think it, but I didn't say it.)

Honestly, the worst part for me (other than the constant hand washing) was the worrying. I'm a great worrier. I learned from my mom, who is a champion worrier and an excellent teacher. So, to stop myself from obsessively worrying over the sickies, I decided to sew something. I totally blame the boys, who wanted me to make them Jedi robes for Halloween. (I did - they are fantastic - and they will wear them next year since we missed all the Halloween fun this year.) Anywho, all that sewing sparked a little crafting fire in my brain and I cranked this out for me:
a needle case for my double pointed needles and crochet hooks. (Notice the vitamin c, hand sanitizer, and mug of tea!) I've been wanting one for awhile, and saw one for $60 (!!!) and thought, Hmm, I could totally make that.I used fabric and thread that I already had (I love that) and made up the pattern from a few photos of retail needle holders.

I made one for Sally too.

(Hers is a bit wonky because something was up with my sewing maching - it did not like that green checked fabric and kept bunching up funny. I'm still not sure what happened, but her edges are finished better than mine.) She has become quite the crocheter - she's into the animaguri toys and has even designed a tree that is knit and crochet. She's very talented.
(And yes, I am wearing black nail polish. For Halloween. Even though we didn't leave the house all day.)

This is how I cope. I find a project that requires me to think and use my hands. It calms me and makes me not freak out. Which I think we would all agree is something to avoid. The only healthy person in the house freaking out. That would be really bad.

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cko said...

You are so sooooo clever. I love the idea of the needle holder. I think I'll make one!