Thursday, December 31, 2009


My parents were able to come for a visit at Christmas, and as always, we had fun and I forgot to take lots of pictures. (Sadly, Stuart remembered to take lots of pics on Christmas morning, which are up on his facebook page. Enjoy.) I did remember to take some on the first day, when they were playing Clue with the kids.If you get the chance to play Clue with kids, you should. At least once. It's a riot - almost impossible to NOT cheat since they are not that savvy with the clue sheets.Oh, and here is our new work space. Sam's Christmas gift from us was his own computer to use. We got Sally hers when she learned to read, and so Sam has been holding us to the same deal for him. We decided that there is no way we would let him have it in his room, though, so this was a great solution. Cabinets from Lowes, countertop from Ikea, and everybody is happy.

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