Thursday, December 31, 2009

the green sweater

Here's how I knit a sweater. It starts for me with the pattern. Sometimes it starts with the yarn, but usually it's a pattern. This time, my mom was making a red sweater and I was helping her read the pattern and figure out what to do. The pattern, Sitcom Chic, is interesting because it's knit from the bottom up and it's almost seamless. So I decided to make it myself. That's when the yarn quest begins. Usually I spend a few months obsessing over yarn type and color, but I found this new yarn from Michaels, and it was green and on sale so I went for it. I got bored in the middle and it sat for a few weeks, but still, I finished in three months.

That's not entirely true. I wasn't only bored. Before I start a project like a sweater, I measure myself, then I measure a sweater that fits me, then I do a swatch, then I do another swatch with different needles, then I do some math, then some more math, then I go on Ravelry and look at what other people have knit, then I start. I am fairly confident when I start that I will make a sweater that will fit me. Then in the middle, I get a rush of doubt and am sure I am making a sweater that will either look like a tent or fit my daughter. So I stop for awhile. But, I picked it up again and ignored the doubts.

Anyways, yesterday I knit the button bands over breakfast:
Yep, that's my new netbook next to it. (Thanks again, Stu!) I was listening to a podcast while I worked. It was great. The button is made from recycled plastic, but it looks like wood. I like that.
And guess what? Despite my obsessive doubting, math has prevailed. It fits!

Pattern: Sitcom Chic

Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable in Forest (4 skeins)


Lisa P said...

Love it! And love that you love math so much!

cowgirl52 said...

It's beautiful...Maybe I can hire for one?!?!?!

Amber said...

Love it! (as usual)

cynko5 said...

It is gorgeous! Again, another product of your creativity and talent. I started a sweater from the bottom up about 4 years ago, lost the rest of the wool yarn and just found it! Wish me luck in finishing.