Monday, December 07, 2009

gymnastics meet

This Saturday was Sam's first gymnastics class competition. It was really fun! Sam competed in rings, floor, vault (sort of vault - landing on a big foam mat - it's like intro to vault), parallel bars, and trampoline. He got fourth place! (out of ten - not bad for the first time)

Here's Sam with his medal:
and here's Sam with his coach:

On the gymnastics academy website, there is a video of his coach competing on the parallel bars. He won a gold medal at the 1998 World Cup.

While Sam was doing his thing, I was knitting more coasters:
and Sally learned how to knit i-cord:

We should probably teach Stu how to knit, because when he wasn't watching Sam, he was bugging Sally. They amuse me. We couldn't take flash photography during the competition, so we only have blurry pictures of Sam warming up.

Today it is (finally) raining. We had breakfast in the living room by the fireplace - very cozy and warm. I'm going to put some dinner in the crock pot so when we all come home this afternoon the whole house will smell yummy.

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