Friday, December 04, 2009

new gigs

Lots going on over here - I guess that is December for you. Stuart is using my car today - his is getting an estimate on some repairs - so I'm at home. I needed a day like today - home alone, getting the last of the Christmas decorations up, working on some gifts (got a hat going for the boy that's a super secret), and doing some baking. We are going to go to Biola University's Christmas Tree Lighting tonight - both of us went there, and although we have always lived in the area, we have never taken our kids. I'm looking forward to tonight so much.

I've started taking my knitting more seriously. I've designed some patterns before, but in August I wrote and submitted my first pattern for publication. Although I didn't get accepted, I have self-published (the gloves below) and have gotten lots and lots of feedback from the knitters on Ravelry (thanks, Ravelers!) I'm considering designing more gloves, and I'm also considering opening a shop on Etsy and selling them. My sister and I are working together on a line of greeting cards with knitted embellishments. If anything comes of either thing, I'll be posting lots of links here.

I have subbed a handful of days this year, and I'm not really surprised that the phone isn't ringing off the hook. What has surprised me is that a new opportunity has dropped into my lap! My friend recommended me as a teacher for Independent Study (for students out of school due to medical reasons) and I started working with students this week. I already have three kids that I am working with, and I am really enjoying it. The hours are flexible, I am paid hourly and for mileage, and I'm teaching one of them geometry (my favorite). It's really the perfect job for me now, and I'm so thankful that my friend thought of me (thanks, Cindi!).

The kids are well. The flu/cold virus continues to move through our school, hitting whole families for 1-2 weeks at a time. I'm kind of glad we got ours early.

I'm off to bake some cookies and write a letter to put in the Christmas cards. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas music (I take requests!)

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