Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I've been trying to think of something to write about, but all I have are random thoughts today. So, here you go.

~Last night was the final season premire of LOST. Loved it! I'm a bit upset that more questions were raised (still!), but several key questions were answered, so that made up for it. I was really happy to finally see what was in the guitar case that Hurley was lugging around. It was good to see some of the people that had died earlier (I won't list the names in case you haven't seen it yet).

~I am currently listening to a book on cd in the car, listening to another book on playaway in the house, and reading To Kill A Mockingbird to discuss with a student.

~I have seven knitting projects that I am working on. That's alot even for me. Most of them are gifts.

~I have to take the cans to the recycle center. This is one of my least favorite chores.

~I am almost ready to start writing about not eating meat anymore.

~I am wearing the green sweater that I made today. It's comfy.

~There is a slideshow application that is flashing at the top right corner of my computer screen. It is going through pictures from when Sam was one and two years old. It makes me miss those days so acutely that it hurts. Sally still had all her teeth. Now, she has lost all of her baby teeth. It goes by so fast.

~Yesterday, it was not going by fast at all. Yesterday motherhood felt like a huge smothering pillow weighing down on me. Yesterday I fought feelings of anger and frustration.

~What has changed from yesterday to today? I can't put my finger on it.

~I'm out of ideas. Time to recycle those cans.


Lisa P said...

Are you taking votes? I want to hear about not eating meat anymore!

Sheila said...

Lisa, vote taken! I've already written a bit about it over on the book blog :)

Amy said...

Sheila, I'm ALREADY experiencing that acute pain of watching your little ones morph into, you know, actual kids. And Mia isn't even 4 months old! I just don't know how mothers survive this kind of sweet, indescribeable heartbreak. I'm guessing I'll learn.

Amber said...

Thanks for this great post. So very real and amazing at the same time. We are going through our own growing pains right now at 5 & 2. Thanks for the reminders. I can't wait to hear more!

Kathy said...

I've known those pains as well. Looking forward to the day the baby walks so you don't have to carry them everywhere. When they finally do you find yourself missing the intimacy you shared with this child. So glad you understand how this works, because as you all know, there is no going back to recapture these times. But if you have missed your 'moments', remember that's why God made us grandparents! I still envy where you are in life, as my kids were my best friends and life was still 'safe'.

cynko5 said...

Congratulations! This is fantastic. If people could eat a deck size portion of meat, we would be fine, but who does that???? Eating less is healthier as studies show. We can eat as much fruits and veggies with only good results! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I need to start a blog so I can muse about similar topics: namely the absolute shock that kids grow so fast. Blink and you miss it. And how will I be able to handle it if they go off to college and never come back? How do you make that leap from needed all the time to needed only a little -- and when it's convenient for them? Too much melancholy for me to dwell on too long.