Wednesday, February 17, 2010

quick things

busy day today, but wanted to share a few things:
~thanks for all the encouragement - i was really overwhelmed by all the positive comments on being a vegetarian. to all the people out there who are toying with the idea, today is the first day of lent. try giving up red meat (or all meat) for lent and see how it goes. you'll be surprised.
~ knitting updates are in the works. pics too!
~ had a great weekend trip (happy chinese new year all!) and a few pics to share of the kids with their cousins. typical of me, i only took a few pics because i was distracted.
~the dog is doing just great and doesn't seem to miss his tail at all. he slept with the kids last night - never did that before. i think he missed them (we were gone for four days)
~my job is picking up and i really really love it. i can't believe how much i have missed algebra 2 (yeah yeah - you all knew i was a math geek) i have four students now and work a few hours every school day.
~i'm really really enjoying the olympics this year. last night, men's figure skating short program. i love the figure skating!
~i'm off to volunteer in Sam's class, then i have a whole smack of things to do. at least i'm almost done with trip laundry (cripes, the kids generate a lot of laundry!)

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cynko5 said...

So wonderful to see you all but not enough time to chat more.