Monday, March 15, 2010

freaking out over here

After school today, the kids and I were in my bathroom. Sam had a smalll cut on his finger, and I was putting on a bandaid. Since I was already cleaning him, I cleaned out his ears. Then I checked out Sally's ears. (I forget to do this in the morning, and they aren't very good at doing it themselves yet. Well, Sally is pretty good. . . ) Anyway, (are you catching on to the build-up of the story yet?) I had been in the Q-tip jar several times before I noticed something odd.

Something was not right in my bathroom.

There was an uninvited guest.

After much screaming and shuddering and general freaking out by me and both kids, Sally and I hatched a plan. I carefully removed the items on the counter, took some pictures, and then trapped the lizard with an empty garbage can. Sadly, the lizard's tail got cut off in the process.

Sally starts yelling at me that I hurt him, that he's bleeding all over the counter, and I'm still mid-freak about trapping him and I'm yelling at her to hold the box - HOLD THE BOX!!!! - and we get him into the box and then close the lid and then I'm running through the house yelling to open the door - OPEN THE FRONT DOOR! - and I put the box down by the bushes and backed up and then turned and ran into the house.

I left Sally alone to release him. Then I called Stuart so I could hear his voice and calm down a bit, but when Sally and I went back to the bathroom -eeew this is so sick - the tail was still moving. THE TAIL WAS STILL TWITCHING! It's so wrong.
Sally gets the Good Daughter Award. She picked up the twitchy tail with some toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet. I was too busy freaking out some more.

Deep breaths. Knitting. A Scooby-Doo cartoon.

We're better now.


Mom said...

Oh My - I would be upset too! That is one nasty looking lizard! I'm so proud of Sally - I'm surprised she did not want to keep it for a pet.
Love, Mom

Lisa P said...

Sorry, but between the pictures and your description, this is hilarious! Good for you, Sally!

cynko5 said...

Gosh, Kenny would say, "Could have been a GATOR!"

dre b said...

ewwwww... go sally!