Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweater and a checklist

The green sweater I knit for my sister's birthday is finished and mailed. For those of you who wondered why I would blog about a gift, she knew about it. I asked her if she would like a knit sweater, and then I asked her what colors she would like. Then when I saw her in February, I had her try on what I had so far so I could judge length and button band width. I'm really hoping it fits her and that she doesn't think it's too itchy. I used this yarn for a scarf and wore it next to my neck for several days and it didn't itch, and my itch factor is on the high side. Anyways, enough obsessing. Here it is:Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans from I made this for Sally in a different yarn two years ago. I'm making one for me next with the same yarn as my sisters, but blue. Indigo blue, if I can find it.
Yarn: Lion Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather
Now for the checklist:
(1) a scarf - finished, sent (& much loved)
(2) a baby blanket - finished, sent
(3) a sweater - finished, sent
(4) a blue glove - also finished! This one was great - I finished it while wearing the first one, out on the cold soccer field at 7:00 pm, and I had about three inches of yarn left at the end. That's close, my friend.
(5) a hat - this is Sam's star wars hat - I've made progress and I'm in the middle of knitting the R2D2's. I'm proctoring an exam tomorrow, so I'm taking this to work on while my student is taking her test.
(6) purple & green gloves - I'm taking them tomorrow too :)
(7) a pair of socks - no chance of finishing them by the end of the month
(8) a tea cozy - ditto
And, because I can't do #5-7 while watching a soccer game, and because the tea cozy uses three balls of yarn at the same time and is a little bulky to carry out to the soccer field along with my purse, the team flag, a blanket (for Sam) and a bag of snacks (Stu was carrying two chairs and a cooler!), I was totally justified in starting a hat. The hat fits in my purse. Totally logical.

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cynko5 said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Such talent. Anyone wearing a hand knitted anything is in heaven. And the knitter is the angel.