Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fun Stuff

While watching the Peanuts Easter Special with the kids this week, my friend Beth and I decided to match up the cast of The Office with the Peanuts gang.  While it's not perfect, we feel we came up with some good matches here.  Enjoy!

Charlie Brown = Toby (duh!  except I like Charlie Brown, and I hate Toby)
Lucy = Michael Scott (wants to be the center of attention)
Snoopy = Jim (he's cool, he's goofy, he pranks people)
Sally = Kelly
Linus = Ryan (the Sally/Linus and Kelly/Ryan dynamics are shockingly similar) (also, Michael would love that he is Ryan's brother)
Schroeder = Andy (the music lovers)
The Red-Haired Girl = Pam
Peppermint Patty = Dwight (this one makes me laugh)
Marcie = Angela (doesn't work except Angela and Dwight go together)

Well, it was fun and we had several laughs in the process.  Tomorrow's Easter.  Big day in our house.  My dad set the Easter Bunny bar pretty high - he was always a great egg hider and actually, the way he hides eggs is an art form.  A few years ago, when Sally was still a believer, she woke up one Easter morning, scanned the living room, and looked at me in wonder.  "Where is he?"  she asked me.  "Who honey?" I said.  "Grandpa!  Where did he go?"  She thought my dad drove all the way here in the night to hide eggs for her.  Later that day, we called my parents and she thanked him over and over for the basket and for coming all this way to hide eggs for her and her brother.  I'll never forget getting on the phone to the laughter of my mom and dad, thanking me for doing all the work so they could get the credit.  It's a good memory.

Hope your Easter Sunday is filled with laughter and people who love you and wonder and amazement and joy and hope and faith.  (and some of those cadbury eggs - I love those)

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