Thursday, May 13, 2010

grey sweater

I've been knitting myself a new sweater.  I've knitted this pattern - Mr. Greenjeans - twice before - once for Sally, and then for my sister earlier this year.  I love it.  It's easy enough to go fast, but with some cables to keep me interested.  It's seamless - a huge plus for me, because I really don't like the seaming.  It's flattering to almost any body type.  And it only has one button.  (Like sewing seams, sewing on buttons is not something I really enjoy.)

A great thing happened a few days ago while I was working on the sweater.  I started to bind off the bottom edge (always a great thing - binding off) and I got about half way done and realized that (a) I was binding off the wrong row, and (b) it matters.  I did not like the way it was looking.  In denial, I kept binding off a few more stitches, sighed, and started pulling them out and putting everything back on the needles.  When I got them all back on, some of them were backward, and when I started knitting again, I knit some of them through the front loop and some through the back loop to twist them back to the proper place.  Here's the great part:  I didn't even have to think about it.  I just looked at it and knew what to do.  It took me about half the row to realize that I was fixing the stitches without thinking about it. 

I'm knitting the first sleeve now.  I'll hopefully finish in a week or two, which means that we will have a heat wave in a week or two.  It's always hot here on the day I finish a sweater.


cynko5 said...

The blue color is very pretty. you are so talented in knitting. You do it with your eyes closed!

Tammy said...

I strive to be a great knitter like you.