Thursday, May 20, 2010

updates & changes

First off, I apologize for the lack of recent posting.  It's always crazy around here in May/June, and this year is especially crazy because (a) I'm working this year and getting my students (three now - two went back to school) caught up in their classes, (b) Sam is in first grade and he is near the end of his natural abilities and is needing to actually work at school (especially spelling - the words are getting harder now), and (c) well, I don't have a (c) but I like lists in threes, and I'm sure there must be other factors because, looking back, the first two don't seem significant enough to cause a huge disruption.  Oh wait - I just got it - (c) it's season finale week.  I've been staying up way too late watching too much tv.  American Idol - loving it!  I actually don't care who wins - I like Crystal and Lee and would love to see either one finish first.  LOST - have the season finale time on the calendar - that's sad, I know, but I feel so invested and the end feels like the release of the last Harry Potter book.  (see the comments section of this post for questions I want answered in the finale)  The Glee episode was the best ever this week - "Piano Man" is one of my favorite songs, and Les Miserables was one of the first musicals Stuart and I saw together (and it's his favorite).  Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy - I know, I know, I can't believe I still watch it either, but I do.  I like the intense craziness of it.  I don't like the morality, so I keep thinking I'll stop watching it one day.

I've been reading some fun things for my students - The Taming of the Shrew, Antigone, Red Badge of Courage, Fahrenheit 451, Huck Finn, and The Odyssey.  I think that is one of the best things about my job - flexibility in my schedule is near the top too - but I get to read all these great books and I'm paid to do it.  One day, I just might go back to school and get a degree in Literature so I can teach that too.  Grading essays would be painful, but talking about books all day long would be fantastic.

I've been thinking about this blog and why the posting has been scarce lately.  I think me working so much is the main factor, but I also think that Sam learning to read has stopped me from writing about him too much.  There's just not soo many funny Sam Stories that are fit for the blog anymore, and I know he'll start reading this soon.  Don't worry - I'll still write updates about the kids and put up some pics now and again, but I've been thinking about adding some new elements.  We watched "Julie & Julia" (great movie) and the idea of picking a cookbook and making everything in it is very interesting to me.  But it's been done.  I recently read another book called "Sweater Quest" about a woman who knit a complicated sweater in a year.  This idea of picking something to do - something challenging - and write about the process - is very appealing to me.  I just need to pick something.  Ideas are welcome.  Until I decide what my challenge is, I'll be writing more about the vegetarian thing, since I've had lots of interest about how I'm doing and what I'm feeding everyone.

I'm off to work - today is editing an essay and factoring trinomials, along science, history, and Antigone.  This afternoon, after homework, is soccer and open house.  Hmmm, and dinner  . . . . . need to figure out what's for dinner . . . .


cko said...

Don't know if you will find a "challenging" knitting pattern because you will enjoy it so much, you will think it is FUN! Sounds like you are happily busy!

Sheila said...

A.C - LOL! You're probably right about that :)

LOST: I want to know who is David's mother, what's going to happen at the concert, will Jack be able to kill the smoke monster/man-in-black, and does Desmond end up with Penny. (For the record, my friend thinks that Juliette is David's mother, and I think she's right.)

Sheila said...

LOST: all my questions were answered! I liked The End. I'll probably write some thoughts in a few days, so that everyone who cares about it has a chance to watch. Until then, my favorite part was watching James and Juliette remember by the candy machine. I watched it twice and cried both times. I'm so glad they ended up together.