Friday, June 04, 2010

garage projects

We've been working on the garage since we moved into this house - almost seven years ago.  It seems to be never-ending - we get a few things done, then get distracted, and everything goes to chaos out there.  We are making some real progress, thanks to a friend who found some cabinets for us.  Those are up on one wall, and now we're working to finish the wall by the washer/dryer.  We had the large cabinet on the left put together:

and this weekend, as a birthday surprise for Stuart, Sam and I built this cabinet next to it:

Here's some pics of Sam helping me:

Now, to do something about that wall behind the cabinet . . . . another item for the never-ending garage project . . . .

(ps - i love assembling pre-fab furniture.  it is so satisfying.  this cabinet and the tall one next to it were both purchased at Home Depot)

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cko said...

Great job! You could be "for hire!" We so missed you though.