Saturday, August 28, 2010

hand knit baby hats

It's time to make baby hats!  Once again, Warm Up America and Save The Children are collecting newborn and preemie sized hats for third world countries.  This time the program is called "Caps for Good".  It is very easy to make a little hat for a baby, and it's a great project for new knitters and crocheters.  I've sent in about a dozen hats in the past few years, and knowing that my craftiness is out there in the world, helping someone that I'll never meet, is a very cool feeling.

The Caps for Good program will conclude on February 28, 2011. You can visit and for patterns and information on how to send in your hat.  They even have little cards you can print out and fill in.

Go buy some yarn and make a few hats!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

works in progress

I have Startitus.  Every time I sit down to knit on the Whisper Cardigan, which is taking forever to knit, I think about knitting other things.  Not actually knitting, just casting on and STARTING other things.  It's crazy.  I started a new project yesterday - a sweater using really big needles instead of the tiny ones I'm using for the Neverending Whisper Cardigan - thinking that the instant gratification will help.  It's not.  I'm already thinking about starting some socks.  The only good thing about that is I've already got the yarn, the pattern, and the needles in a bag ready to go.  I'm starting another hat today too - I've been knitting hats to give as Christmas gifts this year, so if you get a knitted hat from me, act surprised.

Maybe if I make a list of all the projects I have going and post it on the internet, that will help.
1 - Whisper Cardigan - I've knit one arm and the back and am on the second arm.  It's laceweight yarn and is taking forever.  My mom thinks I'm crazy.  My only defense is that 1738 other people have knit one on Ravelry, so I'm not alone.
2 - Beach Glass Cardi - the one I started yesterday.  I'm making up the pattern.  The yarn color is "beach glass".
3 - Hat - finished one on Tuesday and will start another one today
4 - Tea Cozy - ok, this is one I've been at for awhile now.  I shoved it in my car as Just In Case knitting.  Hmm, maybe I'll work on that tomorrow at the beach . . . .
5 - Socks.  Bought the yarn for my birthday a few months ago and haven't started them yet.

So five things isn't so bad.  I can go start that hat because that's a gift.  And the socks because I already have the yarn.  And maybe one more thing, if I use yarn that I already have.

Yep, that should cure me.  For now.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

road trip

The kids and I just got home from a week long road trip. We had lots of fun, but I am very tired of driving and very happy to be back home.

Sally got to spend a week with her grandparents, learning to ride. Here she is brushing the pony she rode all week, Hershey Cocoa.
She also did lots of chores around the ranch, and she had lots of new experiences. While she did have fun, she told me that horses are "not her thing". Whew! We can't really afford to have them be "her thing", so that's not all bad :)

Sam and I drove up to my sister's house for a week. Sam is a great traveler:

My sister has two boys, and they are around the same age as Sam, so they all had a blast. They jumped on the trampoline, worked on their tree house, picked blackberries, played games, did crafts, and other fun boy stuff. Aren't they so cute?

Joy and I talked and played cards and prepared food and tried (in vain) to keep the boys somewhat clean.
It was a fun week.

I also took random pictures of stuff I like:

and did a little reading and knitting:

This is a hard trip because of the long drive, but it's even harder because there are so many people that we know in the area to visit, and we can never seem to fit everyone in to our plans. If we didn't get to see you this time, please know that we miss you (you know who you are!) and hope to see you next time.