Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall is finally here.  I'm able to wear long pants with warm socks and a sweater.  We're in the middle of a rainstorm, and I always sleep so good when it rains.  Our dog has been in the house.  I'm keeping him in the rooms that don't have carpet - just in case - and Sally keeps making him little beds with her blankets.  Today he has a purple pillow and a blanket with pink hearts on it.  Part of me should be mad at her, that she's using her "good" blankets for the dog.  The other part of me is so in love with her, that she's using the "good" blankets to make a bed for our old dog.  It's so sweet, so tender.  I hope this dog appreciates how good he has it, that Sally loves him.

I've been reading alot.  I've made myself a new goal for this year.  I was looking at my book lists (yes, I keep track of what I read.  see below.  i'm starting to forget things if i don't write them down) and I realized that last year I read 42 books. (42 - hear that, Douglas Adams fans?)  I had never read more than 40 books in a year before last year.  (My actual best before last year was 34 books.)  42 books.  That's a lot of books.  But this year, I want to read more than 45.  I'm pretty sure I can do it, too.  I'm on book #40 already.

I need to download pictures and post some.  I need to write down my recipe for Chicken & Dumplings for a friend on facebook.  And I need to go to the grocery because we are almost out of bread.  I also have a whole mess of knitting stuff to blog about.  That's going to have to wait for next week, because I have a book to read.

Happy fall!  Don't forget to make a batch of pumpkin muffins or grab a pumpkin spiced latte.  And wear a scarf!

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