Sunday, December 19, 2010

six days until christmas

Yes, Christmas is just six short days away, and it's crunch time.  Am I shopping?  Wrapping presents?  Finishing my Christmas cards?  Nope.  I'm sitting on the couch by the fire, lurking around facebook and flipping through a fashion magazine, sipping some peppermint tea, thinking about knitting, and that's about it.  I've been dealing with a head cold for the past two days, and now Stuart has it.  I made him soup and panini sandwiches for lunch, then sent him to bed for a nap.  It's raining and windy and there is no way I'm leaving the house for anything today.  We ventured out to the store for supplies, and that's it.  Well, no, I do have to take the dog for walks because he won't pee or poo when it's raining unless you walk him.  He's gotten so spoiled over the past few months - it's been so rainy, and he's been inside frequently.  He's got us trained pretty well.  I won't let him in certain rooms, and he won't go potty in the rain without a walk.  I know this because I tried the shortcuts of putting him the the back (he holds it) or putting him on the leash and standing in the doorway (he still holds it) and then just when I give up and let him back inside, he goes on the floor.  I mutter that he's a stupid dog, and Stuart comments quietly that he's probably the smartest dog he's ever seen because he's figured out how to train humans.  Whatever.

I did some crazy last-minute deadline knitting, but I finished!  I have a few things packaged up and ready to mail tomorrow.  I'm expecting the post office to be a crazy madhouse, but I'm still going first thing Monday morning.

It's so cozy by the fire with the sounds of the wind and rain right outside the window.  I think I'll sign off the internet, finish my tea, and take a nap.  After all, I'm sick.  I need the rest.  Six days until Christmas.  This is peace.

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