Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and now, lots of knitting

I haven't posted much knitting content lately because I've been knitting gifts.
I tried to give things  to people that I've never knit for before.

I gave a fun fuzzy scarf to Sam's teacher:

I gave hats to Sally's teachers:
(They are at science camp this week, in the mountains,
with snow on the ground.  With lots of
sixth graders.  I thought a new hat would be fun.)

I made hats for my in-laws:
Same color, different pattern.
They have a ranch and have to feed the horses twice a day.
And it gets really cold there.

Finally, I knit a hat for my nephews and my brother-in-law:
These were fun.  It's the same yarn (& color) that I
used to make my sister a birthday sweater last year.
The picture doesn't really show it, but I knit
my nephew's initials into their hats.
Geeky knitting, to be sure, but I got a kick out of it.

My mom and I knit up a bunch of hats for
My hats:

Her hats:
They're so cute!

I finally finished a wool tea cozy:
This took me over a year because I kept NOT knitting it.
The yarns got tangled easily and it was hard on my hands.
But I love how it looks.
Sally and I have been having tea in the afternoons.
She read that green tea was really "healhty" and
she's all into it now.  (I love that.)

I also knocked out a fuzzy scarf/shrug for Sally last week,
but didn't get a chance to take a picture before she
took it to camp this week.  It's fuzzy and purple.
She picked out the yarn and asked me to make it for her.

Now I'm working on some gloves (a gift), a few
scarves (one gift, the others test knits to see if
I like the yarn - I'm itching to make a cabled cardigan),
and a light sweater that is taking forever to knit.
Thin yarn + small needles = not my favorite project

But I love this picture of it in the morning sun:
I'll be so glad when it's finished.

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Anonymous said...

I love your tea pot - turned out really good! Love, Mom